Are there any online bachelor's degrees?

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In the age of technology many stay-at-home moms and busy working adults are looking at how to complete a degree without having to attend a traditional brick and mortar campus. There are many options available to earn an online bachelor's degree. Many state colleges and universities are incorporating online bachelor’s degrees into their degree offerings. Students can pursue online bachelor’s degrees in accounting, education, and technology.

Western Governors University provides fully online bachelor’s degrees in education, business, information technology and healthcare. Students in the teacher’s college can become licensed in their state to teach subjects like special education, math and science. The business college offers online bachelor's degrees in accounting, business management and sales management. In the IT college students can earn bachelor’s degrees in networks administration, databases, security and software. The healthcare programs offered are nursing (pre-licensure as well as a BSN completion program for already licensed RN's) and health information management. Tuition is reasonable as a flat fee for each six month term is charged. Financial aid is available for students that qualify.

Southern New Hampshire University has a vast array of online bachelor’s degree programs. There are several accounting programs to choose from including accounting information systems. The school also offers degrees in business management, advertising, marketing and human resources. There are also creative writing and computer information systems degrees offered completely online. SNHU offers over 25 online degrees with a variety of concentrations available in several programs. Tuition is per credit hour and financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Probably the most well-known college offering online bachelor’s degrees is the University of Phoenix. University of Phoenix has an extensive offering of online degrees including programs in education, business, healthcare and information technology. The school offers online degrees in communication, English and environmental sciences. There are also online bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice available, as well as degrees in health administration and psychology. The college of information technology offers a variety of concentrations to choose from including information management and web development.

California State University at Chico offers fully online bachelor’s degrees in a few degree areas. The school offers two bachelor’s degrees in Social Science, one for those aspiring to become teachers and the other for students looking for a broad, general education. The school also offers degrees in liberal studies and sociology. A BSN for RN’s is also available for students who are already registered nurses. The school offers in-state tuition for California residents, in-state as well as out-of-state students may qualify for financial aid.

While there are many options for online bachelor’s degrees potential students should check with the individual schools in order to verify whether or not any on-campus visits may be required. Also, students will want to know if proctored exams are required as many online degree programs require proctored exams in order to verify the students is doing the work and knows the content of their courses.

Potential students should always apply for financial aid. Many times students think they won’t qualify and are pleasantly surprised to find out that financial aid is available. Schools may have special scholarships available to students, as well. Distance learning students can qualify for many of the same programs as students that take classes on-campus.

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