Where do you learn writing online for free?

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When English is not your native language, writing can be extremely difficult. However, there are many available resources online to help you improve your communication skills. There are different skills required when it comes to writing, so different people may have different needs, and some sites will address some but not others. Here are a few examples of the helpful websites that are out there.

English Grammar Online, www.ego4u.com, is a great website if your main struggle is with the language. It has an excellent list of grammar handouts that go over everything from tenses to relative clauses. It goes thoroughly over all the punctuation rules as well.

Pronunciation also is a focus on this website; there are explanations of syllable structure and “consonant clusters,” which could be very supportive to someone attempting to improve their English. There is also a “daily English lesson” in which the language is related to common things we see; for example, the latest lesson discussed the new X-Men film, and then questions the reader’s understanding of the discussion. This is a great site for ESL – its one drawback is the advertisements constantly framing the page.

Another excellent website is the Purdue OWL at http://owl.english.purdue.edu. This great site is made available by Purdue University in Indiana, a top-rated school. This website has wonderful resources for college students, giving explanations for the different documentation styles as well as instructions as to how to write business letters.

By clicking on the link for non-Purdue students and instructors, you will have access to a wide variety of information on writing. It goes over the writing process, from brainstorming to writer’s block. You will also see detailed links to information on creative writing of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. This is one of the best resources that can help everyone greatly improve writing skills.

The last site that could be helpful is www.dartmouth.edu/~writing/materials/student/index.html, the Dartmouth Writing Program. This website has a very interesting and informational discussion of the main difference between high school writing and college writing, something not often taken into account by new college students. The overview is an excellent introduction to academic writing, an understanding you will need in any college program. Additional links lead to further discussions of argument, logic, and thesis. It is very accurate information that can sincerely help students write more coherent papers with honest and well-constructed arguments.

There are many more educational sites out there that may benefit students brushing up on their writing and language skills. Those mentioned here are only a few of the good ones. The best ones are often from top university websites, so if these sites are not helpful enough, that is the best place to look next. Whether your struggle is with verb tense or essay writing, you should quickly find the help you need.

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