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In this newsletter, we look at several industries that are—believe it or not—having a hard time finding quality trained employees to fill their positions.

Top Jobs Looking for You

With the recession in full-swing, many job seekers assume their odds are low for securing a decent full-time gig. In some industries, such as banking and real estate, this may be true. However, there are lots of businesses competing for trained and educated candidates. When searching for a job, online degrees can help you get your foot in the door in these industries. Online degree job opportunities become available once you finish the program. Here’s a list of the top hard-to-fill jobs, as reported by staffing firm Manpower:

Information Technology (IT)

While many other industries have experienced layoff by the masses, some IT positions are just plain difficult to fill. Trained Programmers, Software Engineers and Network Administrators have an edge when it comes to hiring—in order to keep business running at all, a company’s websites, email, tech support and networks need to be fully operational and functioning smoothly.


Similar to IT roles, a company needs salespeople. If their pipelines aren’t full with new and repeat business, it’s going to pretty hard to stay above-water. Study Sales or Marketing, and get a foot in the door at nearly any company.


No matter how bad the numbers are, every business needs to keep track of their income and expenses. Generally, they need a professional Accountant to do it. You can start with an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance.


As more and more students choose to pursue higher degrees, the openings for vocational trades such as Machine and Aircraft Assembly are predicted to grow over the next several years, with a decreasing number of qualified applicants entering the job pool.

Environmental Scientists

Everywhere you turn, some product or process is “going green.” The recent interest in the effects of manufacturing, chemicals and pollutants on humans and the environment has created a need for more knowledgeable professionals in the fields of Environmental Science. Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science.

Healthcare Workers

With an aging baby-boomer population, workers in the healthcare field are consistently reporting an increase in patient-load, and a related decline in the quality of care they are able to provide. This means there’s room for many more workers, but the proper training is critical. You can earn start a Certificate, Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s Program in many health-related fields.

Labor Trades

Freight and Materials Handlers help things get from here-to-there. From the factory floor, to the warehouse, to the truck, ship, airplane or train, handlers are always needed to help move things along.

Earn a Degree Online

Today more than ever, online degrees are providing useful for job seekers. The flexibility the programs provide means learners can schedule their studies around their current family and career commitments. Most colleges and university have some or all of their degree programs available to online learners, including ivy league schools. With an online degree, job opportunities are available to you nationwide.

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